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There are many echomail networks and each has its own unique flavor. ILink gives a unique character by the belief in hosted conferences. ILink conferences are actively hosted and suitable for a general audience. X-rated discussions, profanity nor flames permitted.

Each conference has a host, or moderator. The host makes sure that the conference discussion flows freely. The host will step in if needed, to deal with unpleasantness such as the use of obscenity, or a personal attack by one member of the conference against another. The host might also introduce new topics for discussion and guide off-topic conversations toward a more appropriate forum. The presence of a host tends to decrease the "noise" in a conference, allowing more of the "signal" through, which is one of the reasons ILink's conferences are so well respected in the BBS community.

ILink is available from dial-up BBSs, Telnet BBSs, and Web BBSs.


ILink began in February 1986 with a small group of sysops, an innovative programmer (Mark Herring, developer of the QWK format), and a single conference. The original network was called PCB-Echo, later evolving into InterLink, and streamlined to ILink.

Along the way, the network has grown steadily by adding quality bulletin board systems. What once was a small network limited to PCBoard, has today expanded to include Wildcat!, Synchronet, RemoteAccess, and TriBBS systems.

ILink is managed by a group of volunteer administrators, with input from member sysops. This structure - separate from the transfer of mail - offers a two-tiered approach to solving any network problems which may occur.

ILink is the first QWK mail network. Our internationally-recognized BBS's exchange mail in almost 84 conferences on a regular basis, facilitating communication between the users of these worldwide systems.   Thousands of messages are moved by the network every month in conferences ranging from chat to vendor hardware and software product support!