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ILink Conferences: "Short List"

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Conference Name Brief Description
Africa Discussions of Africa/African Culture
Alt_Medicine Alternative Medicine
ANSI-Art ANSI Graphics and Animation
Babylon5 Babylon 5 Discussions
BBS-Ads Advertisements for Bulletin Board Systems
BBSing Bulletin Board Philosophy
Beyond Beyond Human Understanding
British All Things British
Buy-Sell For-Sale Conference
Canada Canadian Chat
Cars&Driving Car and Driving Talk
ChitChat Friendly Talk
Comedy Jokes and Funny Stuff
Consulting Consulting
Cycle Bicycles and Motorcycles
Database General Database Discussions
DeskTop Pub DeskTop Publishing
DOSTips DOS Help
Electronics Electronic Gadgets
Entertainment Movie Reviews and Discussion and TV
FantsySciF Fantasy and Science Fiction
Finances General finances discussion
Food Food and Drink
Gaming General Gaming
Gay-Issues Gay and Lesbian Issues
HamRadio Amateur Radio
Handicap Helping the Handicapped and their Caregivers
Hardware Computer Hardware
Health&Fitness General Health Issues
History History Discussions
Home&Garden Home and Garden Issues
Host&User Host and Caller Discussions
HTML HTML Programming (WEB Page Creation)
ILink-Info ILink Information
Internet Discussions about the Internet
Judaica Jewish Culture
Kids Support & Chit-Chat for Kids
Language Language
Legal Law
Men Men's Issues
Military Military Discussions
MS-Office Microsoft Office (etc.)
Music Music of All Types
Nature Wildlife and Outdoors
Networks Networks and Networking
New Users Support for new people
On&OffLine Online/Offline Mail Discussions
Opinion Personal Opinions
OS2 IBM OS/2 Operating System
OS_Discuss Discussion of Various Operating Environments
Parents&Teachers Parents and Education Issues
Pets Living with Animals
Photography General Photography
Politics Political Discussions
Programming General Programming Languages
Psychology Learning How Our Minds Work
Recovery Support Conference for Recovery from Addictions
Relationships Married, Single, and/or Divorced
Religion Religion
Rod&Gun Firearms, Fishing and Related Topics
Safe_Haven Support for Abuse/Crime Victims
Scandinavia Scandinavian Conference
Sci-Tech Science and Engineering
Seniors Issues of Retirement and Aging
Shareware Shareware Software and Reviews
SmokeFree Kicking it in the Butt
Sound_Gear Making and listening to music
Spoilers TV and Movie Spoilers
SportsTalk Sports Talk
StarTrek Star Trek (tm) Discussions
Sysops Sysop's Issues
Technology Computer Technology
TransAtl Trans-Atlantic Chatter
Trivia All Kinds of Trivia
Unix&Linux The Unix Operating System
Virus Computer Viruses
WildCat! Vendor Support: WildCat! BBS
Windows Microsoft Windows
Women Women's Issues
WordPerf Word Perfect
Writers Writers and Writing