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Welcome to ILink echomail network!  

 What's better than a usenet newsgroup?  

  An echomail network!


  Did you know that echomail networks have been around for more than 12 years?!

Echomail networks originated on BBSs (online "bulletin boards"). BBSs were the preferred means of online communication for users before the internet became so widely used a few years ago.

So, why don't you know about them?

BBSs were (and still are) typically set up and run by one person called a "sysop" (short for "systems operator"), out of their own homes! Many BBSs don't charge for their services, and those that do have fees so small that it barely covers the cost of their operation.

Where does an echomail network fit in?

Echomail networks are comprised of a group of BBSs around the world whose users exchange messages with each other. There is still a large base of users who prefer the close-knit feeling of community spirit and the personalized environment that you can only find in message exchange on a local BBS, or in an echomail network. You will not find this kind of environment in usenet!

ILink is the very first QWK-format echomail network, and continues to be the most popular.

ILink provides your child with a safe and monitored environment to exchange mail with other children all over the world. ILink provides you, as an adult, with a personalized, neighborly forum to share experiences and in-depth discussions in message exchanges.

In an echomail network, a "newsgroup" is called a "conference." ILink's hosted conferences ensure that you will find:


  • NO spamming (advertising)!
  • Real community spirit.
  • Friendly hosts.
  • Safe and fun environment for all ages. 
  • NO profanity! 
  • NO flames!
  • Messages that are on topic.
  • Personal help and guidance.
  • The nicest people in the world!


Stop! Not convinced yet?

No problem! Check out our conferences (unlike Usenet newsgroups, our conferences have descriptions)!

Be sure to come back to this page so you can learn how to participate in ILink!

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