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For Beginners

There are two ways you can get involved with ILink:
  • Find a local BBS that is offering ILink: Highly recommended, as you will be participating with your own neighbors. Check out our BBS list sorted by name.
  • Find a telnettable BBS that is offering ILink: If there is no ILink BBS local to you, check out BBS list for bbs that is  available via telnet.
For needed files, if any, and for more information, refer to the links below.
What is a BBS?

Your First Stop: An explanation of BBSs and BBSing, and what's available on them.

Programs: Telnet

Visit this section if you've found a BBS you'd like to telnet into and download a telnet program.

How to Get Started BBSing

Your Second Stop: A guide that explains how to interact with a BBS, how to choose and dial in to a BBS, and a glossary of BBS terms.

Programs: Offline Mail Readers

Choose one of these for reading and responding offline to BBS messages.

Etiquette Guide

Recommended reading for all ILink participants, and just as useful for anyone who uses email or messaging.

Programs: ILink Files

All of ILink's documents, an etiquette guide, our monthly news packet, and even a cookbook.

Additional information is available in our Site Contents