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For Sysops

Carry ILink on Your BBS!:

If you're running a BBS that supports QWK-format networking and are interested in carrying ILink, download this zipped file which contains:
  • Our most recent information package
  • ILDoc v4.0 - The ILink echomail network manual. ILink's organizational and operational document.
  • ILink Guide v4.0 - The etiquette guide for ILink. Every ILink participant should get this file.
  • ILink HostGuide v.4.0 - Handbook and guidelines for hosts of ILink conferences.
  • Information on getting setup with ILink, if your application is approved.
Then, apply for ILink in either of two ways:
Contact Barry Martin, ILink's BBS Administrator, for more information. Note that there are NO registration fees associated with ILink.

Net Resources for Sysops

Sysop's Corner at The Wishing Well Dedicated to the promotion of the BBS, this is an excellent resource for everything BBS and Sysop related. You'll find resources for BBS doors, utilities, newsletters/magazines, FTP sites, and support sites.

The BBS Corner The #1 Bulletin Board System Web Site for both BBS Users and Sysops! A good selection of resources, with individual sections for the user and sysop.

Links for Listing Your BBS

"thedirectory" - Free listing. You can list your BBS in two ways: 1) by sending a blank E-mail to and they will send you a questionnaire by E-mail. Fill it out and send it back to thedirectory; 2) obtain the questionaire on their website.

BBS-Related USENET Newsgroups

alt.allsysop alt.bbs.jds alt.bbs.telefinder
alt.bbs alt.bbs.lists alt.bbs.tribbs alt.bbs.lists.d alt.bbs.unixbbs
alt.bbs.allsysop alt.bbs.majorbbs alt.bbs.uupcb
alt.bbs.amiga.cnet alt.bbs.maxs alt.bbs.waffle alt.bbs.metal alt.bbs.watergate alt.bbs.omnibbs alt.bbs.wildcat
alt.bbs.da_manor alt.bbs.pcboard alt.bbs.wildcat.wccode
alt.bbs.doors alt.bbs.pcbuucp alt.bbs.wwiv
alt.bbs.doors.binaries alt.bbs.powerboard comp.bbs
alt.bbs.doors.lord alt.bbs.proboard comp.bbs.majorbbs
alt.bbs.doors.lord.binaries alt.bbs.ra comp.bbs.misc
alt.bbs.excalibur alt.bbs.renegade comp.bbs.powerbbs
alt.bbs.first-class comp.bbs.tbbs
alt.bbs.gigo-gateway comp.bbs.tsx
alt.bbs.iniquity alt.bbs.searchlight comp.bbs.waffle
alt.bbs.internet alt.bbs.synchronet

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